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Volunteering for Fish Surveys

Volunteers are periodically needed to assist with fish seining surveys.  Volunteers must be in good physical condition and be able to walk in a stream in waders for several hours and tolerate heat, cold, mosquitoes and sun.  Work involves chasing fish into nets, setting nets, carrying buckets, etc. with instruction provided.  Two to three sites are sampled on a given day and 300 ft of stream are sampled at each site.  We generally work 9am-2pm.  Dates and locations are subject to change so you must let us know you are coming and you will get specific directions.  E-mail Sally (spetrella@therouge.org) if you are interested.  

Dates (E-mail spetrella@therouge.org to sign-up)
 Thursday  Friday     Saturday 
 Spring Surveys
(Mainly in Oakland County)
 June 15 June 16 
  June 23 June 24
  July 14 July 15
 Rain Dates July 21 July 22
 August Goby Sampling (Lower and Middle Rouge)  
  July 28 July 29
 August 17 August 18 
  August 25 August 26
  Sept. 8 September 9
 Sept. 14 Sept. 15 
  Sept. 22 Sept. 23